Social Selling is Here!

What Is Social Selling?

Social Selling is developing customer relationships via social networking. It leverages social media to connect with potential customers at the right time and the right way. Their way!

  • The number one B2B social network, by far, is LinkedIn.
  • Willpower Social Selling program positions sales people in front of potential customers and repeat customers for the ideal results.
  • Willpower Social Selling incorporates the best social media strategy which convert prospects to leads and leads into customers. And all of this….at the touch of a button.
  • You work smarter and not harder with Willpower Social Selling!

Two Ways to Get Social Selling

More and more organizations are seeing outstanding results when incorporating
Social Selling into their sales process…

1. Event

We Teach You

2. Online Services

We Do It For You


Look What's Included at the Event!

Professional Headshots

At the training session, we use our professional photographer! We provide and set up all the camera equipment and lighting, and proceed to do a professional photo shoot for sales people, sales managers and staff. After the photos are taken, we do professional photo editing. Professional edits are included in the program.

Social Media Page Reviews & Rewrites

We go a step further in our social media program. We review each participant's LinkedIn page! After our review, we have a best-selling editor team provide rewrite suggestions. We create a professional page (with the focus on the customers view) that incorporates your bottom-line objectives. We edit out the page errors, create better branding and improve the participant's online reputation.

Social Media Training

Your social media training session includes all the information needed to begin using social media to sell! We teach how to leverage social media to work for you now. The social selling training shows what to post, how to post, and how to gain leads. It covers essential social media training, and shows the common mistakes to avoid.



Rewrite Profile
We Point it Out


One-Time Fee


Online Training
We Retype it Out


One-Time Fee

Rewrite & Maintain

Rewrite & Online Training
Get Them Both


$500 Setup Fee & $20 per/month


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