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Never Cold Call Again!

"Hello, my name is…" CLICK! "Hello? Hello?" You have 10 seconds to have an impact before a buyer decides whether to buy or not. What you say in that first 10 seconds will make or break your sale.

  • Opening Statements - Create the urgency to talk to you NOWQ and buy from you NOW with Power Prospecting secrets.
  • Avoiding the Avoids - Don't get push around like a clown! Stand your ground with techniques which position you as a trusted advisor.
  • Objections and Rejections - You can't talk anyone into anything. So how do you overcome objections. It's not in what you say…it's in what you ask.

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20 Video Lessons
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Willpower Harris takes you through guided lessons to help you be your unique self with your opening statement. You make a horrible anyone else; only you are great at being you. Willpower Harris presents and outline causing you to drop the scrips forever. Willpower Harris shares the four parts of a great opening statement. You are guaranteed to increase the number of good things that happen and decrease the number of bad.
Willpower Harris shares his secrets to Virtual Prospecting and how to use pull marketing techniques to get customers calling you first. Never cold call again using the best techniques available to be your best. See interactive selling scenarios and make the decision on how the sales person should behave next. This interactive mastery series helps you Master every aspect of the Power Prospecting process and take your sales to the highest levels.

Prospecting MASTERY!

Training Schedule

Module One - Prospecting Mindset

NLP is used to empower participants to become excited about prospecting. Psychology of Prospecting is introduced and participants become excited about the opportunity to prospect.

Module Two – Prioritization and Time Management

Utilizing a system that consistently fosters keeping the sales funnel full and being in control of the sales day. Eliminate procrastination and block time wasters.

Module Three – Speed Reading People

There are four types of people. Learn to speed read a person in 15 seconds, then adjust your style to that type of customer.

Module Four - Utilizing the Gatekeeper

Developing a message that targets the gatekeeper; participants are empowered to gather critical information from gatekeepers use when speaking with the decision maker.

Module Five – Opening Statements

Developing and positioning a strong attention grabbing opening statement.

Action Plan – Feedback & Questions

The participants develop an action plan on how to prepare for their next day’s calls.
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