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Social Selling bypasses gatekeepers, positions you as a trusted advisor & slashes the sales cycle by as much as 20 days.

  • Niloufar Nessari

    Niloufar Nessari

    “It made me better at interacting with people.”
  • Sezen Akdag

    Sezen Akdag

    "It was very useful!"
  • Mustapha Omari

    Mustapha Omari

    “A very smart way of doing things!”
  • Chigbo Uzokwelu

    Chigbo Uzokwelu

    “It not only covers sales, but every aspect of life.”
  • David Perry

    David Perry

    “It made a hugh difference in what I do and how others view what I do.”
  • Ahmed Abadid

    Ahmed Abadid

    “It makes you to think about things differently and it absolutely makes sense…”
  • Rene Dorado

    Rene Dorado

    “It was great I learned alot!”

Never Cold Call Again!

See outstanding results and inject FUN into your Sales FUNnel.

Start Skipping to Work!

It’s possible – if you embrace the new paradigm of Power Prospecting.

Experience sales success in an authentic and powerful new way.

Power Prospecting shows you how to . . .

  • Get voicemails & emails returned by prospects
  • Get your phone ringing
  • Get past price objections
  • Have the best opening statement

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Our Sales Division is run by the Willpower Consultation Team. For over 15 years we have specialized in Sales Training and Revenue generation. Our Program focuses on prospecting and cold calling. and has trained sales people all over the world and is based on our Best Selling book "Power Prospecting".


Our Success Division is run by the Willpower Motivation Team. Willpower Harris used to work for motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, and this is his long time passion. The main focus of the Willpower Motivation Team is to help you find, follow, and achieve your life purpose. Our call to fame book is the #1 Best Seller" Willpower Now".


Our Spirit Division is run by the Willpower Warriors Team. Our main goal is to help empower others to uplift themselves out of bad situations. Towards this endeavor Willpower Harris founded the Willpower Humanitarian Foundation Incorporated. Our call to action book is the International Best Seller "We Are One".

Best Selling Author & TEDx Speaker
Willpower Harris introduces
Power Prospecting




Humanitarian and Women’s rights advocate
Willpower Harris was invited
to the United Nations

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